The Alumni Association of Education, BHU had steadily scaled new heights. What Next? was the question uppermost in everybody's mind. Right from beginning the founder members of the Association had felt the need to start a Journal of the Association. This task was expedited and the members took it upon themeselves to collect funds for the journal. Meanwhile in the 5th General Body Meet, in the year 2007, a suggestion emerged that the Association should begin a Journal of its own. The executive board pondered upon an appropriate name, the functional modalities and the cost etc., of the journal. The name decided upon was "Shaikshik Parisamvad, An International Journal of Education (SPIJE)".
Its sole aim was to establish an educational dialogue amongst all globally. It was also decided that initiative be taken with the seed money borrowed from Alumni Association of Education, BHU. In order to contribute to this academic effort, our President, Professor H.C.S. Rathore donated a sum of Rs. 10,000/-. Another member of our executive body, Dr. Geeta Singh, Associate Professor, Harish Chandra P.G. College, Varanasi, donated a sum of Rs. 5000/- for the journal. This initiated the beginning of SPIJE.

Grant giving bodies, Philanthropic associations/ individuals, NGOs, and the alumni are called upon to make more financial contributions towards the Journal.
Today, the journal has grown all the way with the publication of globally disseminated issues.

The print issues are available with the Managing Editor, where as the soft form can be accessed online on this website.